About This Blog

Hello, Twin Cities diners!  We are Ryan and Lauren, a newlywed Minneapolis couple, and we enjoy spending our hard-earned money eating out at the various restaurants our fair metro area has to offer.

In this blog, we’ll take pictures of whatever food we eat when we’re out, and write up a little review that describes not just the food, but the atmosphere, the waiter, the ambiance, the price, and of course the tastes.  Hopefully this will help you make an educated decision on where to eat!

Ryan Glanzer Lauren Poulter Minneapolis Food Blog

As of posts dated 1/2011 all pictures are property of Lauren (Poulter) Glanzer unless otherwise noted. You can see more of her photographic work here.
All work licensed under the Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike. For further information or to request permission to use Lauren’s work outside of the bounds of the Creative Commons license (ie commercial use), please contact her through the Flickr link, above.


One Response to “About This Blog”

  1. Andrew Miller September 30, 2010 at 7:40 pm #

    Hey Ryan, I work with a farm-to-table restaurant opening in the Linden Hills area later this fall. Is there any way I can contact you by e-mail to let you know when it opens? We’d love a review. You can e-mail your address at andrewm@fasthorseinc.com if interested.

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