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BD’s Mongolian Grill

22 Nov

Written by special guest blogger Alison Beno, who filled in for usual bloggers Ryan and Lauren.

BD's Mongolian Grill

For my trip to BD’s Mongolian Grill, I was excited to review and critique my experience.  I went with my husband and sat down right away, no wait at all.  We were greeted by a waitress following sitting down and ordered an appetizer and waters.  I was very hungry so I just decided to head straight to the dinner buffet area.  We got our meats and vegetables; BD’s had a great selection of meats and seafood depending on your appetite.  They also have an awesome selection of dressings!  If you are not sure what dressing would compliment your meats and veggies, don’t worry—there is someone standing there to help you!

As we stood in line for our food to be cooked I was noticing the crazy large foil hats that people were wearing—something I had never seen done before for birthdays.  A guy was wearing one that looked like he had crazy hair coming out of his hat, and the girls had the biggest bows made out of foil!  It was very cool.  The man on the grill was a lot of fun to watch, flipping his knives and doing tricks with his utensils.

The food was great—I love making my own concoctions!  My husband loved his as well, so much he went for seconds!  For our last part of the meal we chose a tiny dessert from a carousel!  For anyone out there watching their figure, these were the perfect-sized desserts to make you feel like you wouldn’t fall off the wagon.  I chose the Reese’s peanut butter cup mini.  SOOO good! It was just enough to give you what you wanted!

Overall, great food! We are definitely coming back for more!