Northeast Social

15 Mar

Here’s another restaurant I should have reviewed right away but didn’t, and now I have to try to remember it.

Northeast Social Club

I rarely use texting lingo but OMG!

Oh, yeah, now I remember!  This place was amazing.  Located in northeast Minneapolis, the Northeast Social was an impromptu mid-week dinner selection for a double date with the Walshichettis.  One interesting thing about this restaurant is its ever-changing menu.  When we were there, it was the girls that both opted for the Black Angus sirloin, cooked rare, while Walsh and I tried some “lighter” options.  I can’t recall what Walsh tried, but I opted for the braised pork shank (above).  It was one of the single most delicious meals I’ve eaten in a restaurant… ever.  The meat just fell off the bone and was served with sweet potato fries and asparagus.  I ate every last bit of meat, leaving only a clean bone behind.  Really, my meal was that good.

The downfall was the price (about $20 per entree), but I can honestly say it was worth the money.  If I went back there and that pork was still on the menu, I would definitely have it again before trying something new.  I think Walsh and I had beers while the girls split a bottle of wine.  I can’t recall if we had dessert or not.

The atmosphere was nice too.  It was pretty dark with candles lighting the tables.  The tables are kinda squeezed in pretty tight to each other though.  The wait staff was courteous and attentive, and earned themselves a fine tip.

So the next time you’re feeling like splurging a little, call ahead and make reservations for Northeast Social.  It gets Ryan Glanzer’s seal of approval, 5/5 Noms, and the top overall spot in the rankings.


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