27 Aug

For my 27th birthday, Lauren surprised me by organizing a dinner at Fuji-ya in Uptown with some of our closest friends!  I never suspected a thing, except for when Jason called me late in the afternoon for directions to the restaurant.

All sorts of deliciousness exploding into my taste buds.

All sorts of deliciousness exploding into my taste buds.

I admittedly am doing this review more than a month after the meal, so I can’t remember exactly what all I had, but I know one of the rolls I ordered was the caterpillar roll, one of my all-time sushi faves.  I had never even tried sushi until 2007, and even then it took a while to grow on me.  But since I met Lauren, we have been ordering sushi more and more often and now it’s among my favorites.

Fuji-ya is about as good of sushi as I’ve had in the Twin Cities.  I am a fan of Mount Fuji, Origami, Wasabi, and Kabuki as well, and at this point it’s difficult for me to differentiate much between the places.  I tend to prefer sushi with the crispy outers but not sushi with smushy insides.  Lauren’s meal wouldn’t have been as much to my liking.  But I snarfed mine down and washed it down with some warm sake.

Like I said, I can’t say for sure if Fuji-ya is any better than any of the other sushi places, but I’d recommend it!  4/5 Noms.


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