Good Earth

21 Jun


On the morning of Father’s Day, June 21, Lauren and I went looking for a new place to try breakfast.  We originally stopped at the Original Pancake House, but it was backed up for 55 minutes, so we went across the street to the ritzy Galleria and tried Good Earth, a restaurant known for its natural and organic ingredients.  Our wait was about 20 minutes, but that was to be expected at 11am on Father’s Day.  Our waitress kept saying things like “I hope you don’t think I’m ditzy” and “I’m not normally so uncoordinated!”  I thought she did a good job, but she kept apologizing to us for various things!

To be different, I started out with one of their specialty juices, the Watermelon Wahoo, which includes watermelon, pineapple, and apple juices.  This drink was small and expensive, but very tasty, healthy, and frothy.  Lauren opted for a latte.  Since I was wildly hungry, I opted for a caramel roll before the main course.  Good Earth’s hyper waitress informed me they had none left, but they made me something sorta like it and gave it to me for free!

Father's Day breakfast at Good Earth

My breakfast at Good Earth

For my main course, I ordered the Turkey Sausage Scramble, which was a moderate-sized serving that included turkey sausage, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, purple onions, diced peppers, and green onions.  (I asked for no cheese and minimal sour cream.)  My initial thought was this was not enough food for $9.50, and it was a little bland.  But like always, a healthy dose of Tabasco sauce really brought this dish to life!  I also found something hard and black in my food, but later discovered it was a huge piece of unground peppercorn.

Lauren ordered some 10-grain hotcakes and turkey sausage.

Lauren ordered some 10-grain hotcakes and turkey sausage.


I love Good Earth. As one of three children with food allergies, my family was extremely limited in our selections for a night out at a restaurant when I was young. Thankfully, the majority of my allergies dissipated as I came into adulthood, so I am not so limited now — but I do try to eat as naturally as possible.

As Ryan said, we attempted to go to OPH but were driven off by the incredibly long wait, so dashed across the street to the Galleria and put our names on the Good Earth list. I was actually a bit surprised by the crowds as I tend to think of Mother’s Day as a brunch holiday, whereas Father’s Day is more of a holiday to throw a couple hunks of meat on the grill.

I went for an unusual breakfast choice… that is, unusual for me! I never order pancakes. I just don’t really enjoy them at that much, truth be told. They are always much too sweet, much too filling, and the texture is never satisfying like a good piece of toast is. However, the Good Earth boasts 10-Grain Hotcakes, which sounded heartier and more satisfying than your typical Aunt Jemima variety. And they were! I ordered a side of turkey sausage for some protein.

As Ryan noted, I ordered a small latte. Our waitress was slightly flustered, and took nearly ten minutes to bring me a packet of raw sugar, but to my surprise I discovered that I needed no sweetener. I almost never drink coffee without something to sweeten it just a bit, but perhaps due to the natural milk the latte was naturally sweeter than I expected.


Ryan: For me, my Good Earth experience was just okay.  Though the ingreidents were fresh and healthy, I thought it was slightly overpriced and slightly bland.  2/5 Noms.

Lauren: I knew Ryan wasn’t going to be wild for the Good Earth. I think we would have had a slightly better experience if we had been seated on the patio – the atmosphere in the dining room is only slightly better than a Perkins. The Good Earth has been an Edina landmark for most of my life so I would say it’s time for the Parasole group to give it a face-lift, non? It’s on the spendier side, but not at all unreasonable for a natural restaurant for breakfast. 4/5 Noms!


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